Mar 31, 2017

Flower Power

Along with the spring season comes flowers, flowers, and more flowers. These days, everywhere you look you can find pretty blooms, and we’re not mad about it… Here at Be Social, we truly appreciate the season, and we keep fresh flowers in the office as often as possible! Here’s why:

  • It’s a major mood changer – Bright reds, pinks, and yellows right next to your work space? How could this not make your day a little brighter?! It sure makes us smile 🙂
  • Beautiful scents fill the room – On top of the outer beauty of flowers, they also carry a natural aroma that will fill the room! There’s nothing like walking into an office and taking in a whiff of fresh roses.
  • They add the perfect touch to any Insta pic – A big bonus to having pretty flowers in the office is that they double as photo props! We frequently add flowers into flat lay photos for clients (and even use them in a sweet POV shot of our own).
  • They can live forever as home decor – It’s always sad to see your beautiful blooms lose their life, but don’t jump to throw them away! Take a few home and hang them upside down on your wall. Dried flowers make for some dreamy wall decor (trust us).

Keep blooming, babes!