Apr 7, 2017

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

Spring has sprung, which means warmer weather and less clothes! JK (but really) –We’re shedding our winter layers and are ready for bronzed skin once again. Whether you’re a classic suntan gal or prefer a faux-tan, we’ve got you covered. Today we’re talking about how to earn + maintain the perfect tan.

Au Naturel Gals:

  • Skin care above all else. To prep your skin for some sun-soaking, you should always and we mean ALWAYS wear sunscreen. It’s actually true what they say about sunscreen promoting a good tan!
  • If you’re feeling a little wild and want a deep & dark tan quick, try Maui Babe. It’s a tanning oil + instant bronzer all-in-one. We swear by this stuff.
  • Post sun-soaking, you should always moisturize! Also, if you’re feeling a bit crispy, definitely apply some aloe. This allows the tan to soak in AND last longer. The sun dries your skin right up so this step is crucial! *Pro Tip: The tan on your face will fade the quickest, but hydration will lock in that color. Amala Beauty offers a great facial moisturizer that will keep your skin glowing + hydrated!

Faux Tanners:

  • Most of the time, we prefer a faux tan because A) you’re not frying your skin and B) you can get WAY tanner. Spray tans are always a good call, but we tend to use a different alternative–St. Tropez, a DIY self tanner. This stuff is liquid gold. We can’t recommend it enough. We suggest not showering for at least 6 hours after using for ideal results.
  • If you prefer to be more hands off and get a natural spray tan, try Blush Tan in San Diego! This studio provides a flawless, back-from-the-beach tan, using only natural ingredients (yes, please!).

Happy tanning!