May 5, 2017

Acai Bowl Hot Spots

Acai you trying to be healthy and trendy 😉 Acai is a major superfood that’s packed with nutrients + antioxidants, yet somehow tastes like ice cream… so we definitely understand the obsession. Today we’re sharing a few of our favorite spots in San Diego to find a delicious acai bowl:

  • Better Buzz: It’s true what they say, life’s better buzzed. With a handful of locations scattered around San Diego, Better Buzz is a happening place for both locals and tourists. At Better Buzz, you not only have endless coffee creations to choose from, but 3 unique acai bowls to suit your specific tastes.
  • Swami’s Cafe: Swami’s Cafe is a local San Diego favorite for breakfast cuisine, but the highlight of the menu is definitely their acai bowls. Swami’s is changing it up by offering both a pitaya bowl as well as an acai bowl. Pitaya, also known as dragon fruit, is another superfood packed with health benefits. Plus, it’s bright pink so it can’t possibly be bad..
  • Acai Roots: If you’re a busy bee and you’re more focused on having breakfast from home, Acai Roots is a great alternative. This store sells acai smoothie pouches and pints so that you’re able to make a delicious acai bowl right from your own kitchen! Their website even gives you recipe ideas so you can get real creative.
  • Nekter Juice Bar: With multiple locations all over San Diego, Nekter has become a popular hotspot for your juice cleanse and acai bowl needs. They have a selection of 4 different acai bowls to choose from, as well as a pitaya bowl. Nekter stands out due to their unique ingredients they blend in their bowls. You can find kale, peanut butter, cashew milk, spinach, and agave nectar as main elements in each spoonful! We can’t help but love them all.
  • Rum Jungle Cafe: If you’ve ever had the urge to eat out of a hollow pineapple (and instagram it) Rum Jungle Cafe is the place to be! Here, they have a wide variety of acai bowls with an emphasis on tropical fruits. You’ll find peaches, mangos, goji berries, pineapples, and of course acai. You can get your bowl scooped into a pineapple for the most delicious and basic experience you could ever have. We can’t get enough of the health and social media benefits that Rum Jungle Cafe supplies.

Now that you’ve read our top picks, go out and explore all the acai possibilities! You’ll be feeling healthy & spoiled just in time for summer.


Image via @acairoots.