May 12, 2017

Be Social Buzz May 2017

Instagram is constantly revamping its style. The most notable change as of late: Photo Albums. This particular update was met with equal parts intrigue and confusion for the platforms most avid users, because it meant changing Instagram’s entire sharing style. The good? You don’t have to narrow down to just one fave. The bad? Feels a little bit like Facebook, doesn’t it? The album feature works particularly well for brands, as it allows them to tell a story. Revolve was one of the first to try out the feature and they used the slideshow to tell a story of a Sunday adventure, complete with pit-stops at Insta-worthy places and features of new arrivals.

In other IG news, it’s one step closer to disappearing photo domination. You can now send selfies, pictures, and videos to your friends via DM, a veryyyyy Snapchat like feature. This is no doubt going to change the way people use Snapchat, yet again. It’s only a matter of time before IG gets its paws on a pupper filter. Snapchat also got a big update! It’s great for them, terrible for us, but was always bound to happen. Yep, you guessed it. Snapchat has ads. Big name brands like 7-11 and Starbucks were some of the first to release them, likely because they had the budget to do so. They’re also able to measure how many visitors its ads send to brick-and-mortar locations, giving them a new way to drive foot traffic from the app. We’ll give you an update on its success in the next Buzz.

  • Introducing Lolli Swim and Chila Bags to the Be Social family!
  • Amazon- Amazon quietly launches its own social media Influencer program. This program is similar to the Amazon Affiliate program, but the main difference is its exclusivity. Only influencers with larger followings will be accepted into this program.
  • How to measure your ROI for Influencer Marketing- With top influencer charging up to 100,000 for a single past, brands need a way to justify their investments. According to The Rise of Influencer report, 79% of respondent believed the traffic generated to their site is the biggest indicator of success of an influencer collaboration.
  • Forbes- Forbes releases first ever ‘Top Influencers’ list. Forbes typically ranks top Celebrities, but this year they decided it was time to identify the top global Influencers. “It’s time to recognize the influencer economy as a legitimate entrepreneurial pursuit,” added Christina Vuleta, Vice President of Forbes Women’s Digital Network. “These social innovators are creating markets around their lives, and passions – and fulfilling a need for millions of people who want to hear from them versus a traditional brand sponsor.”

  • Amber Fillerup Clark/Barefoot Blonde – is the Blogger Spotlight feature in April issue of StyleWatch Magazine (feature here, cover here)
  • Tone It Up – in the March issue of ELLE Canada (here & cover here)
  • Tone It Up – in the April issue of ELLE Croatia
  • Tone It Up’s annual Bikini Series launches April 24th (sign ups begin on April 10th)
  • Amber Fillerup Clark featured on the cover of Holistic Magazine’s March Issue (here)
  • Amber Fillerup Clark – Finalist to win a Shorty Award for outstanding content on social media in the Lifestyle category – they will take place April 23rd in NYC
  • Rachel Parcell- Debuted brand new Spring kitchen decor on MyDomaine (see here)

Last month, Be Social Talent went to Coachella for Foray Collective’s Desert Oasis. Kaitlynn Carter, Becca Tilley, Witney Carson, Kelsey White, Racquel Natasha, and Nicole Isaacs were some of the influencers that were snapping pics and sipping drinks in the mansion-turned-party venue. The event was hosted by model & actress Emily Ratajkowski and was also attended by celebs like Amber Rose, The Bachelor Nick Viall and his final rose receiver Vanessa Grimaldi, and festival maven Vanessa Hudgens. DJ Brody Jenner was in charge of getting the crowd pumped up before heading into the festival and sponsors included L’Oreal, Her Campus, and Boohoo.