HI. WE ARE BE SOCIAL. WE SEE YOU. Let’s get them talking.

We’re a creative group based in sunny Los Angeles specializing in
influencers, talent and brand building. Like our name suggests,
we’re all about relationships.

But we’re far more than just an agency with connections.
We’re a brand-building powerhouse with our own media platform.
If you have a story to tell and you want Millennial and Gen-Z females to listen…
you have come to the right place.

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We’re experts at getting brands and talent the attention they deserve. We’ll help you grow through influencer campaigns, experiences, media placement, collaborations, and storytelling. But let’s drop the buzzwords and get real for a sec.

If you’ve got a brand and want Millennial and Gen Z females to know about it — then we’ll get them talking. We’re passionate about our community of sisters and we’ve worked hard to earn their relationships.

If you’re a talent with a social footprint and need help monetizing, strategizing, and growing — we’ve got you.

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the Recognition


We’re a powerhouse of influencer matchmakers, content creators, experience designers, talent builders, and storytellers. We hustle hard and obsess over the details — all to find fresh new ways to help you stand out.

We run influencer, media, and experiential campaigns from beginning to end, analyzing everything along the way. We like transparency and provide in-depth analytics and reporting so you can track the ROI.

Or as we like to say: First comes the glow up. Then we’ll help you blow up.


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