Meet BSG’s New President: Tera Leuthauser


It’s the season of change at Be Social Group and we’re happy to announce that in addition to our big HQ move, we’re also introducing a new member of our team: our new president! In the spirit of rebranding and growth, we recently brought on Tera Leuthauser to help oversee initiatives within the company. We sat down with her to ask her thoughts on all things Be Social.


What made you want to work for Be Social?


People seem to really enjoy their jobs at BSG, which is always an awesome indicator of what the values and energy are like at any company. After meeting with a few members of the leadership, I realized that BSG had the type of work environment I could see myself thriving in. Additionally, the company has SO much potential for growth and expansion, which I find exciting and wanted to be a part of! After meeting the founder, Ali Grant, I knew we would make a great team and that I could help continue to grow a business that I was proud to be a part of. 


Was Ali Grant the president? 


Ali is the founder of BSG, and our leading lady here at the company. I came on board to take some of the internal workings off her plate, and oversee the team as a whole. From client relations to office dynamic, I’m focused on the nitty gritty while Ali is taking our big picture to the next level! 


Advice for a recent college grad wanting to get started in this industry?


INTERN! Internships are an amazing way to gain experience, while learning which aspects of the industry you are interested in. They highlight the foundational skills needed to be successful and will also point you in the direction of a category you love!



Did you always know your career path or did you hop around to get where you are now?


I always had an idea of the direction I wanted my career to go, but it took me an internship and an open mind to nail it on the head. After graduating college with a degree in Psychology (more on that below!), I decided to take the leap and move to New York to pursue Fashion. I originally wanted to be a Fashion Editor, but a few strokes of luck (and hard work!) at my magazine internship led me to an inhouse PR position instead. At that point I knew PR was for me, and I have been motivated to grow within this category ever since!



Best piece of advice for starting your own PR agency?


Make sure it’s an industry you love! There is so much hustle that goes on behind the scenes – you really need to feel jazzed about what you are doing every day to make the hard work worth it. From there, talk to multiple entrepreneurs who have done it themselves, and learn as much as possible. You really need to listen and digest both the challenges and successes, and make sure you are 100% ready!



What advice would you give to someone hoping to stand out in interview/job searches?

Have a personality and be genuinely passionate about the work you would be doing! We want someone to come in that is excited about the opportunity and our company, and would go above and beyond the bullet points listed out in the job description. While your resume and experience are important, so is your ability to connect with the team and show gumption!



How did you first start out in this industry? What was your first job and how did you get it?

I moved to New York City 6 days (!!!) after I graduated college for an internship with Us Weekly Magazine. I used this opportunity to dive in to all aspects of the job, and learn as much as I could. I was always the first person to raise my hand to help another department, or stay late to assist an editor. As my internship was coming to an end, one of the editors that I worked with regularly recommended me for a PR Assistant position at Banana Republic. I jumped at the chance and thus started my journey in PR! 



Would you recommend business school?


I think business school can give you a leg up on the working world in general, but I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to be successful. Real time experience is just as important, and you can often learn more from going through the ups and downs of your day to day. 



How valuable is your college/university major for the industry vs. experience?


Much like the above, I think the additional education in the field can be helpful, but actual experience is always going to take you further. I studied Psychology, Social Behavior, and Sociology in college, which wasn’t a direct path into Public Relations, but definitely made me a stronger manager, leader and communicator. You should build off of all the tools you learn in college, but my advice would be to get out there and start interning to get ahead!



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