Celebrating the Women We Work With International Women’s Day 2021


For International Women’s Day we are celebrating some of the amazing women we have the privilege to work with. We spoke to women in various departments for the top pieces of advice that they would give other women who are interested in working in their field. See what they had to say below!


Coley – Senior Talent Coordinator

BE RESOURCEFUL – follow the leader but don’t be a clone of someone else. Look at the women and men who lead in your field, not just at work but in the public sphere i.e. conferences, media, meetings, personal life. Note how they handle themselves and see how they got to where they are. Are there any similarities you have to these people? Challenge yourself to incorporate these traits into your everyday life but also keep true to yourself!

BE YOURSELF – develop a strong self-identity think of an instance when you succeeded and were at your absolute best. Take a moment to think about what happened in this situation and note your strengths. These strengths are important for career success – play to your strengths and make them visible to others in your field!

BE BOLD – go into calls, meetings, negotiations, brainstorming with prepared ideas and questions. Be vocal, engage, and speak as if you are already in a senior role.

BE SUPPORTIVE  – women supporting women, build a network of fierce and strong women. Create relationships with those who motivate you to be better and women that you motivate as well. Celebrate their knowledge, talent and success. Strength in numbers!


Nicole – Social Media Manager

BE READY TO INVEST IN YOUR PERSONAL BRAND – My number one tip for anyone who is interested in becoming a social media manager is to start with your own personal channels. Your profile is a direct representation of what you are able to bring to a brand so make sure that your personal accounts are demonstrating your skills in the industry. Even if you don’t have a large personal following you should treat your own channels as if you are a content creator yourself. 

BE FLEXIBLE – no two days are the same. Be ready for anything and everything

BE PREPARED TO LEARN – Social media is changing and new platforms, algorithm changes, and new tools are added to our favorite social media apps every day. Staying up to date with the latest trends is essential for success as a social media manager. 

BE CREATIVE – content is king and creating engaging content is essential and being creative will help the success of the content across the various platforms


Tori – Influencer Assistant

BE FEARLESS – Don’t be afraid to ask questions and ask for advice from your superiors or fellow coworkers. It’s easy to be intimidated, but your team is there to help each other!

BE READY TO ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES – Have a “no task is too small” mentality and be willing to help when you’re just starting out. This can help you learn a lot in different areas of your company, and it helps you get to know your team!

BE POSITIVE – Keep a positive attitude as much as you can. I’ve noticed that even when I get flustered with work, if I stay on the bright side, I tend to problem solve a lot better.


Mirta – Chief Finance & Operating Officer

BE CREATIVE – become a problem solver

BE WILLING TO LEARN – learn as much as you can about the industry you are in. The more you know the better you will be able to identify specific accounting issues and financing needs for your company

BE VIGILANT – keep up to date with new accounting standards pronouncements so you’ll know which ones affect the industry you are in.

BE KIND – to the people you work with and smile! (That is true for any position you hold in any industry)


Brenda – HR / DE&I Manager

For HR Practitioner:

BE OF SERVICE UNDERSTAND WHO & WHY – remember that the company and “all” company employees are your clients

BE AVAILABLE – promote an open door policy at every level

For DE&I Professionals:

BE OPEN – don’t limit your multi-cultural lens

BE ORIGINAL – remain authentic




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