A Day In My Life ft. Deanna Ritter: Director of Talent


In Be Social’s Day In My Life, we’re taking you for a walk in the shoes of one of our sisters. Even though we all work for the same company, the roles we play are different (but equally important). In this segment of Day In My Life, we follow our Director of Talent, Deanna Ritter, to see what she does to prepare for a workday and how she unwinds after. Follow her on Instagram!


The Day Begins With A…


A cup of coffee. I like to get my beauty sleep so I’m in bed by 10pm and up between 6-6:30am. First things first: get a pot of coffee going and make sure my pup Ralph is fed. I love to get in a workout to start the day, whether that’s a class at the gym, a quick BBG at home, or a long walk with Ralph. Lately, I’ve been on a smoothie kick following Kelly Leveque’s amazing Fab 4 recipes to take on my way to work. 


At BSG, I’m Known As The…


Mom or Grandma. Especially amongst the talent team. I’m always making sure everyone is doing their chores: taking out the garbage, washing their dishes, and I am always lost while everyone is discussing the latest Kardashian drama, new Netflix show, or the hottest song of the summer. 


As the Director of Talent, I manage a few of our clients while also focusing on the management of the Talent Team as a whole. I try to get in early before the rest of the team so that I have some quiet time to myself to get to-do’s crossed off my list. I get distracted easily, so you’ll probably find me with my headphones on listening to Belle & Sebastian. No day is ever really the same. I’m typically working with my clients on executing 10+ sponsored projects a week, negotiating prospective projects with brands and agencies, and setting time aside to work on proactive pitching for my clients. 


I’ve been with BSG for about a year and a half after coming from ShopStyle Collective, an affiliate program for influencers to monetize their platforms. I was an account manager working with influencers to build their affiliate and monetization strategy to increase revenue and partner with brands on sponsored content. 


Outside Of Work, You Can Find Me…


Watching Bravo with a glass of wine, cooking dinner with my husband, and cuddling my pup. All before going to bed by 10pm!



In 7 Words or Less, I’d Tell You To…

Be yourself, it’s your greatest asset. 

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