How To Make A Stellar First Impression


Have you ever met someone who is so effortlessly cool that they can charm an entire room? We know we have. These people tend to be the envy of every event: they’re personable, engaging, and leave every interaction with a new friend. Their secret? Knowing how to make a good first impression. As we all know, making a good first impression can open a lot of doors. Whether it’s a first date or an important job interview, we all want to present our very best for that first meeting. Luckily, it’s a skill that anyone can develop over time.


If you’re looking to practice making a good first impression, here are some tips that’ll help you out. Now you can go and schmooze away like the pro that you are!



Physical appearance:


Hear me out: we’re not saying you need to be a Victoria’s Secret model to get people to like you. That’s ridiculous. But your physical state is literally someone’s first impression of you. There are key factors that can warm someone’s opinion of you and they all revolve around how you take care of yourself. For example: are your clothes wrinkly and disheveled? Do you smell like last night’s Postmates order? If your answer is yes to either, then you might want to re-evaluate why you’re not getting that follow up text or e-mail. 


Taking care of yourself physically will go a long way. Spending an extra 20 minutes in the morning to brush your teeth, wear deodorant, and comb your hair will actually make or break someone’s first impression of you. Investing in your appearance shows that you care about yourself and people are drawn to that. That, and no one wants to be around someone who can’t maintain personal hygiene. Look good and you’ll feel good in every social situation.


(BSG Sis Sara likes to carry a travel size bottle of perfume in her purse. It’s light enough to tote around and you’ll always smell like roses. Win/win.)


Body language:


According to research, 60 to 90% of our first impression is made through body language. If that sounds nerve wrecking, don’t stress: this is actually in your favor. If you’re aware of your body language, then you can control what you do with it. Here are some tricks to adapting your body to feel comfortable in any situation and getting that upper hand:


  • Relax your shoulders. Take a deep breath and exhale. Let the tension roll away from you and you won’t be tempted to fidget.
  • Maintain eye contact. People notice when someone is being a good listener and it makes for better conversation.
  • Use hand gestures. It’s been proven that people who use hand gestures are more trustworthy and engaging. Just trust us on this.
  • Smile. But don’t smile so big that it looks fake. Just relax your mouth and allow yourself to enjoy the present. (Tip: if you’re nervous talking on the phone, smiling during conversation will actually make you sound and feel less anxious).
  • Be aware. Be aware of your surroundings and respect people’s boundaries and cultural differences. You got this!




Attitude is everything. If you approach every situation with a “EVERYTHING IS DOOMED AND EVERYONE IS GOING TO HATE ME” mentality, then, well, that’s just a self-fulfilling prophecy. But you truly have to believe you’re someone worth knowing because it’s true. Remind yourself of 5 things you love about yourself and walk into every room like you could meet your next boss, your soulmate, or your new best friend. You’ll have everyone loving you in no time; we know we do. (; 



Photos by Xenia Adonts, Asiyami Gold, and Aimee Song

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