Getting over the Post-Holiday Slump


Thanksgiving has quickly come and gone, which means it’s time to get back on our work grind. While a long weekend should mean lots of rest and relaxation, it can sometimes be hard to snap back to reality. 


We’re right there with you, so here are some tips to get ahead of that post-holiday slump!


Get on top of your schedule:

A holiday weekend hopefully means you took a well earned break from your work. Getting back into it can be tough if you haven’t thought about the new week. So first things first, take a look at your calendar, planners, or whatever you use to plan out the work week, and give yourself a look at what’s to come so you’re not scrambling.


Get an early start:

Once you’ve looked at your schedule, it’s time to get back to business. Don’t procrastinate on your emails and work! The sooner you start, the less stress you’re putting on yourself for the rest of the week. Reply to all those emails and make all your calls! Whatever your week entails, just get to work.


Keep a positive mindset:

Dwelling on the happenings of the weekend can pull your mood down. Start off your week with something positive! Give yourself an uplifting quote to get you through the week, listen to your favorite songs on the drive to work, really anything to keep you looking forward instead of wishing you were reliving yesterday.



According to Los Angeles Entotolaryngologist Dr. Murray Grossan, smiling can boost your mood and immune system. “When you smile, the brain sees the muscle [activity] and assumes that humor is happening,“ says Dr. Grossan. What we’re saying is, fake it ‘til you make it, and maybe that will eventually lead to an actual good mood. Not only will a smile boost your own mood, but it will spread to those around you. A smile is contagious, so spread the happiness and let’s get through the week together.


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