Let’s Deskercise: Easy Workouts to Incorporate Into the Work day


Sitting all day can dampen the workflow. Not to mention it can also be bad for your health if you stay inactive for too long. If a busy schedule is keeping you from the gym, we have some simple workouts you can do at your desk throughout the day. Desk-ercise if you will. Incorporate these into your work day to keep your blood flowing and work grind going.


  • Leg raises: First sit upright at a 90 degree angle. Lift one leg so that it is parallel to the ground and hold it there for 10 seconds. Switch legs and do this 15 times on each side. This is a great leg and abdominal exercise that can easily go unnoticed.
  • Hover legs: This exercise is similar to the one above, but hold up both legs at the same time. Lift your legs so that they are parallel to the ground, then slowly lower them so they hover an inch or two above the ground and hold. Doing this is excellent for core strength.
  • Swivel Abs: Another great core workout, but this exercise might be a bit more noticeable than the previous two. For this one, you will need to have access to a swivel chair. Sitting upright, lift your feet slightly off the ground and hold your desk lightly with your fingers. Swivel yourself back and forth using your core strength instead of your hands or arms. 
  • Chair dips: This exercise is more straightforward, but very noticeable, so make sure you’re not a distraction when you’re doing it! Using a chair that won’t roll away from you, move to the edge of your seat. Hold tightly to the edge of your chair, then lower and lift your body up using your core and arm strength.
  • Shoulder Raises: Lastly, a simple shoulder raise. As simple as it sounds, lift your shoulders towards your ears and hold for five to ten seconds. This will keep the stiffness away so you keep your work and blood flow going. If it’s too simple for you, hold something with equal weight in both hands.


Remember, while these exercises can be great to add in to your work routine, they do not replace a full workout. Make sure to stay active outside of work to help maintain a healthy lifestyle!


Photo via @rrayyme

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