Meet Team BSG: Tori Siagian


First and foremost, tell us a bit about you!


I was born and raised in the Inland Empire just an hour away from LA. I graduated from La Sierra University in Riverside with a B.A. in Public Relations. I’m an avid concert goer (pre-covid), Disney lover, die hard LA sports fan, and I’m a libra!


How long have you been at BSG?


I started working at here nearly a year ago at the end of August as BSG’s executive assistant. It’s been one of the most exciting years of my life working here!


What do you do as executive assistant?


I have my hand in a little bit of everything really. Before the covid era, I was Ali’s go-to girl for whatever she needed. Now as we’re working from home, I’ve taken on a lot of influencer work. While I mainly assist our influencer team, I help anywhere I can! It’s exciting getting to be exposed to all facets of the company. It also helps that everyone on the team is awesome to work with and they all teach me so much.


What’s the best part about BSG?


Like I said earlier, everyone on the team is awesome, so I love that I get the opportunity to work with them. I think it says a lot that we’re a women-led company. I’m blessed to get to learn from this team of boss babes. We also work and partner with some of the coolest brands out there, so to be able to grow in my career here has been everything.


Favorite LA spots?


Not sure I have favorites per-say, but there are so many cool spots. I’d say Highland Park has a great vibe and it’s a great place to find new bars and restaurants. I will say I’m a huge fan of Home in Los Feliz. LA is also a great place to find smaller concert venues. If live music makes a comeback, I highly recommend checking out a show at places like The Roxy or The Peppermint Club.


You mentioned earlier that you’re an avid concert goer, who’s your favorite artist/band?


I’m shamelessly obsessed with the Jonas Brothers, so they’re definitely at the top. I listen to a little bit of everything, so my most listened to artists are probably One Republic, COIN, BENEE, and HONNE.


Lastly, what’s a quote you live by?


“Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”— Albert Schweitzer

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