Keeping a Healthy Work Grind


We’ve all heard the phrase, “sitting is the new smoking.” Daunting, right? Well here at BSG, we are all about promoting a healthy lifestyle. So if sitting is the new smoking, how do we keep a healthy work grind going from 9-5 if we spend most of the day inactive?  We put our nose in the books (we Googled) and found the best ways to stay healthy at work.


Stand and Stretch:

Once you’re in work mode, you probably don’t think much about how inactive you are. For your own well being, remember to take your breaks! Not only should you be taking your state mandated breaks, but also small breaks at your desk. For example, take a minute to stand or do a few stretches at your desk. Standing itself reduces the risk of back pain and other health risks. 


Take walks:

When you’re on a break or on lunch, take a walk! Similar to standing, taking a walk can reduce health risks like weight gain and heart disease. It never hurts to get your blood circulating, and it can also increase productivity. Think of it as a little energy boost! You might even be able to skip the extra mid day coffee.


Give your eyes a break:

Don’t forget to also give your eyes a break from your screen. In this day and age we can get glasses with blue light protection, but go the extra step and let your eyes rest. It can be as simple as looking away and focusing your eyes on something other than a screen for 30 seconds. This will encourage your eyes to blink more which will prevent dry eyes.


Drink lots of water:

Working all day probably leads to slight snacking, or lots of snacking. While there’s nothing wrong with a mid day snack, everything needs to be in moderation. Sitting all day combined with constant eating can lead to obesity and heart disease. To combat the cravings, drink more water! Needless to say, water is extremely beneficial to your health.


Join or encourage team outings:

Despite sitting all day at work, we might leave feeling drained. While that might be the case, after work can be the best time to counteract all the inactivity of the day. Going to the gym, joining an intramural sport, or even encouraging a work team outing can be the perfect remedy to push yourself out of a potentially sedentary lifestyle.


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